Picture with punchline:- Scamsters Beware, 2010 is Over!

The year 2010 was full of Scams & Frauds across the globe. The article having below picture; which is posted on a blog by Dilip Naidu sir had really caught my glare.

Make 2011 brighter more progressive!

The photo seems to be clicked in Pune city & the punchline poster mentions the courtesy of Nana Chudasam.

“Scamsters Beware, 2010 is Over!” …  Now the people wants to speculate forthcoming years to be less affected by risks of frauds & scams. The comments on Dilip Naidu Sir’s post elaborates much more insights than the article itself. I enjoyed going through the picture as well as comments & I hope you shall emphasise the worthiness of reading through them.

Courtesy: http://dilipnaidu.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/make-2011-brighter-more-progressive


Picto-ry of Web evolution…. (tired of writing words) :P

























Serving up the hottest dishes on WordPress.com @ http://foodpress.com

Poll: Do you like to cook? – Results Polldaddy.com poll 4055157.

Just a few minutes ago i came across this wonderfool blogging community called http://Foodpress.com. Its simply amazing to view its content with the mind-blowing color theme of Red & off-White. There is plenty of scope for various bloggers around the world to feature their Food stuff & pictures.

Good to see the encouragement for the potential Bloggers to upload food-pics clicked in “natural light”. & trust me, the pics are so tempting out there.

Feels good to start the morning seeing all this b-e-a-utiful tempting food glory.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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