5 Quick Tips for Job Seekers against Job Fraud!

Always be prepared from the fraud which lots of companies are doing with the fresher. Some times the experienced people too faces the same situation, so always be prepared to fight against job fraud. Here are a few quick tips which can ensure you from frauds:

#1 Tip: Never reveal your confidential detail to any employer: Always be prepared to say NO to any employer if he asks for either your credit card details or any type of secured numbers. If some one asks these details then it is better not to join that organization.

#2 Tips: Never join the Organization if they don’t have any Business Plan: If you have faced the interview in any organization and that organization is not having any Business Plan or Model, then don’t plan to join that one. They will always make you unsatisfied in long run.

#3 Tips: Do not join the company which has not taken proper Interview: This is also one sort of fraud, many companies don’t take any sort of interviews and they offer you to join them. Leave them immediately otherwise you might feel problem with them. It is in fact my personal opinion that there is always some kind of fraud behind these types ofcompanies which offers you without taking any type of interviews either front to front or telephonic one.

#4 Tips: Leave the company immediately if they ask you any amount to deposit: This is the biggest type of fraud I have ever seen. Not a single good company is there which will ask you to deposit any amount before giving the offer letter to you. So if any company asks you to deposit any amount then leave them immediately.

#5 Tips: Check the Offer Letter Properly: Offer letter is the main source of information about any company at initial level. Once you will get the offer letter go through each and every word of the letter with proper care. Check if there is something which is objectionable. Do the research from your self about the past of the company.

It is the time when students are facing the campus interviews; lots of companies are recruiting them despite the global downfall of the market. So it is good to prepare against any sort of fraud. Always be sure to join anycompany, since if it is your first job then it is going to affect you through out your life.

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Resume Spotlight

Mr. Sunil Kumar Ailani
Post Graduate Diploma in  Management, MICA

DOB : 13th June, 1983

Mobile : +91-9974379329

Email1 : ailanisunil13@gmail.com
Email2 : sunilailani_e8@mica.ac.in

In quest of enriching assignments with key focus on Research / Marketing / Communications with a growth oriented organization

Management Trainee – 2 Months (LinOpinion (LOWE Lintas PR Division), Mumbai)

I want my CV here

Ms. Deepshikha Sharma
B.Tech (Biotechnolog), Rajasthan University, Jaipur

20th Sept., 1985

Mobile : +91-9893554703, +91-9414322749

Email : deepshikha.sharma25@gmail.com

Working for an organization where I can apply my skills for the betterment of the company

Trainings attended at Ranbaxy, Dr. B Lal’s Clinical Laboratory & Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur

Mr. Ashok Mallick
IP Analyst (KPO)

01st April, 1982

Mobile : +91-9734429409

Email : smipr2009@gmail.com

To become a sophisticated individual in a challenging environment that provides opportunities to prove and enhance my skills as a successful leader in an organization.

B.Tech (Chemical Eng.), Haldia Institute Of Technology, Haldia.
PG Diploma in IP Law – IIT Kharagpur

I want my CV here

Mr. Chakraborty
Patent Analyst (KPO)

26th Nov., 1981

Mobile : +91-9804160944, +91-9239153347

Email : official.madhurima.dhar@gmail.com

To achieve a position which utilizes my knowledge and provides me a platform to innovate, learn new technologies and execute different responsibilities.

B.Tech (Biotechnolog), Bengal College Of Engineering & Technology, Durgapur.

I want my CV here

Mr. Ranjan Singh
Patent Consultant

Mobile : +91-9836485588

Email1 : patents123@gmail.com

A challenging professional career opportunity in the field of Intellectual Property Rights with special interest in Patents.

B.Tech (Mechanical), JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

I want my CV here

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Bosses who feel inadequate are more likely to bully subordinates, says a new study

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Published in the journal Psychological Science , the study says it is so because feelings of inadequacy trigger them to lash out at those around them.

In the study, researchers at University of California, Berkeley and University of Southern California found a direct link among supervisors and upper management between self-perceived incompetence and aggression.

The findings are published in the November issue of the journal Psychological Science .

The new study challenges previous assumptions that abusive bosses are solely driven by ambition and the need to hold onto their power.

“By showing when and why power leads to aggression, these findings are highly relevant as abusive supervision is such a pervasive problem in society,” said Nathanael Fast, assistant professor of management and organization at USC and lead author of the study.

During role-playing sessions, study participants who felt their egos were under threat would go so far as to needlessly sabotage an underling’s chances of winning money. In another test, participants who felt inadequate would request that a subordinate who gave a wrong answer to a test be notified by a loud obnoxious horn, even though they had the option of choosing silence or a quiet sound.

Researchers did not rate participants by an objective measure of competency, but by their self-reported level of competency. This allowed them to investigate how feelings of self-worth are tied to workplace behavior.

“Incompetence alone doesn’t lead to aggression,” said Serena Chen, associate professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and co-author of the study.

“It’s the combination of having a high-power role and fearing that one is not up to the task that causes power holders to lash out. And our data suggest it’s ultimately about self-worth,” the expert added.

Alternately, Chen said, participants who got ego boosts by scoring high in a leadership aptitude test or who recalled an incident or principle that made them feel good about themselves did not react with aggression.

9 Tips to find your next job & keep yourself alive during job search

1. Network! Think of the people you know — relatives, friends, professors, classmates, co-workers at summer jobs, and others. Make more of an effort to meet with people, and use these conversations to ask their advice, to make them aware of your job search, to learn more about their jobs or their organizations, and to get the names of others who might be useful in your job search.

2. Target your Résumé. Make sure your résumé is targeted to the employers who receive it. Make sure your résumé is easy to read and the most important details stand out. Make more than one résumé if you are applying to more than one industry.

3. Be prepared. You should have a copy of your résumé at all times. It is also a good idea to have fresh copies of your résumé prepared in case you are called to an interview at the last minute.

4. Create a contact database. Write down all the employers you contact, the date you sent your résumé, any contact made, people you talk to, and notes about those contacts. Keep a notepad with you at all times — take notes as soon as you hear about an opportunity or when you leave an interview. Get into the habit of updating your database daily.

5. Learn how to talk about yourself. Throughout your job search you will speak with many people at different levels. You must be comfortable having conversations about yourself with other people. Keep in mind that you never know who may end up being useful to your job hunt.

6. Prepare an elevator speech. You never know who you’ll meet in an elevator, in line at the coffee shop, or on the street. Know what your skills are and how to communicate them. You should be able to tell prospective employers and others you meet what you can offer. You should also be able to talk about how your skills relate to the industries that interest you.

7. Find out all there is about employers in your field. Remain current on any issues or developments in the field, read trade journals or professional publications, and read the newspaper. It is extremely impressive during an interview if you know about the latest merger or coup in the industry.

8. Follow-up with leads immediately. If you find out about a position late in the day, call right then. Don’t wait until the next day.

9. Stay confident. Job hunting takes time and energy. Remain confident, but prepare yourself for challenges ahead. Don’t get disgruntled if you are still looking for a job and it seems like everyone you know has an offer. Most students find their jobs after graduation.


Frequent Job Scams & Spams: How can you stop this mess?

Frequent Job Scams Instructions & Safety Manual:

1. Don’t pay a fee upfront. Most legitimate employment agencies don’t charge unless they actually succeed in getting you a job.

2. Be cautious about emails offering help getting a job. Many unsolicited emails are fraudulent.

3. Know exactly what services are being offered. The company may only provide advice or help writing a resume. Some fraudulent employment services simply sell lists of companies that they have gotten from public directories. They may not have contacted those companies directly or know if there are really any job openings.

Job Scam - A Danger
Job Scam – A Danger

4. Document all promises. Print out the information so you can prove what you were promised.

5. Be wary of promises to help get you a government job. If a test is required, the government usually conducts it. No employment service can guarantee that you’ll qualify for a government job or arrange to get you special treatment.

6. Money-back guarantees may not be worth the paper they’re written on. Fraudulent employment services will use an endless string of excuses for why you’re not entitled to a refund.

7. Foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers, then wiring funds foreign company may claim it is unable to receive payments from its customers directly you are typically offered a percentage of payments received this kind of “position” may be posted as a job, or offered to you via email.

8. A company guarantees a job but will want a deposit from you.

9. Someone may use us(jobconsultancy) to certify themselves. These claims are fraudulent, as jobconsultancy does not have any role in any transaction.

10. Opportunities abroad: Who does not dream of being paid high wages to work in an exotic locale? Remember, high-paid job opportunities overseas for people who lack significant experience in a particular field, are virtually nonexistent.

11. Business Opportunity Scams: Avoid those work at Home scams.

Don’t be fooled by

# Testimonials
# Guarantees
# Documented ‘proof’
# Huge income potentials

12. This rapidly growing scam – sometimes called mule recruiting – involves fraudsters actively targeting consumers to act as money transfer agents in the sale of goods and services.

1. Scammers have now launched a new fraud on internet by offering jobs in oil and other companies with very attractive salaries ranging from US$ 45,000 to 95,000 with many other perks and priviledges like quality single or family housing accommodation, free medical care and insurance for entire family, excellent educational assistance benefits for all dependents, airfares with holiday travel, and excess baggage allowances, paid vacation, official vehicle, and many more gimmicks like these.
These Scammers mostly target the Asian countries as the unemployment ratio is rather very high in these states and majority are living below the poverty line.

2. Some time scammers advertise a job on the behalf of a real company. A bogus telephone or by email interview may take place and after some time you are informed that you are selected for that job. Now you need to secure the job they ask you to send money for your work visa or travel costs to the agent or a bogus travel agent who works on their behalf no matter what the variation, they always involve the job seeker sending them or their agent money, credit card or bank account details.

3. The entire job offer might sound complicated, and this is your job scope:

# Receive payment from Clients.
# Cash Payments at your Bank.
# Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.
# Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to(Payment is to be forwarded either by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer). For just 1 to 3 hours per day, you will earn US$4,000. Its too good to be true… and its definitely a scam.
# Data Entry Job.

There are many similar scam like the data entry job scam where they advertise on the net or newspaper that they are looking for work at home typist or data entry worker. These companies usually claim that they have lots of project on hand and they need help to get someone who can work from their own home. They claim that it is cheaper to employed work at home workers as compare with a full time worker. In these job scams, they will usually asked you to pay an application fees or buy a special software that are only available from them before you can start your work at home data entry job.

How To Avoid Them:

# PLEASE DONT WIRE ANY FUNDS, anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.

# Be aware that legitimate employers do not need your bank account number for “direct deposit” before you have even reported for work.
# JOBCONSULTANCY IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY MONEY TRANSACTION BETWEEN OUR EMPLOYERS, CONSULTANTS & EMPLOYEES and any other type of placement agency until otherwise mentioned, and does not offer “any protection” or “EMPLOYEE/CONSULTANT certification”

# It is important to keep in mind that research is the best defence for combating scams.
# You can swiftly recognize a SCAMMING job employment service by simply doing a bit of decent research.

PLEASE NOTIFY ANY SCAMS or SCAM attempts TO sohandhande@gmail.com

Job Scam
Job Scam

Indian Realty players hit the hiring lane again

Some of the country’s largest real estate developers such as DLF, Unitech and HDIL have started hiring again, as they look to launch new projects and speed up execution of existing ones to cash in on a pickup in home demand, reports Sanjeev Choudhary from New Delhi.The companies expect high demand in the coming fiscal quarters, with the economy showing clear signs of a revival in the fiscal year started April 2009. “We are launching new projects and plan to hire in large numbers,“ said a spokesman for DLF, India’s largest real estate firm that fired more than 300 people during the downturn. Unitech, which has 1,200 people on its rolls, has added 300 employees at different levels in the past few months.

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