New Year – New You! The Path to Successful New Year’s Resolutions (via The Simple Mom)

This is a marvellous reading… Deborah has tried to distinguish between Habits & Resolutions… Most important is to notice the 150 comments as of today.. >>>


New Year - New You!  The Path to Successful New Year's Resolutions by Deborah Taylor-Hough The biggest thing that seems to keep me from pursuing healthy eating habits or exercise routines for any significant length of time is personal time constraints. Busy, busy, busy. Like many people today, as a single parent, I don’t always have time to get home-cooked meals on the table regularly — much less take the time to actually prepare something nutritious and healthy. My goals for healthy living don’t include becomin … Read More

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Deborah Taylor-Hough is the mother of three, a full-time college student, a displaced homemaker trying to make ends meet on a limited budget, and the author of several older (but still in print) books including the popular Frozen Assets cookbook series. You can visit Debi online at:




The biggest thing that seems to keep me from pursuing healthy eating habits or exercise routines for any significant length of time is personal time constraints. Busy, busy, busy. Like many people today, as a single parent, I don’t always have time to get home-cooked meals on the table regularly — much less take the time to actually prepare something nutritious and healthy.

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My goals for healthy living don’t include becoming super-model thin. I want to be healthy and strong. I’m not interested so much in how I look as in how I feel. The journey to a healthier lifestyle can begin with two steps: facing up to life’s brevity, and facing up to the truth about your physical condition. Anyone who’s ever been able to wear a size 5 as an adult (like I can!) can’t use the excuse of having big bones anymore.

Over the years, my resolve to get healthy has been strong, but the practical application of my good intentions was sometimes difficult. I attempted a complete eating/exercise program. And failed. Failed miserably. A couple of my friends said the program was a failure. My nagging inner voice tried to tell me that I was a failure. But in retrospect, I don’t think either the program or my personal resolve was the root of the failure. I think I simply bit off more than I could chew at one time.


I’ve discovered over the years that there’s a big difference between the formation of habits and simply making resolutions. I believe that one of the keys to successfully implementing permanent change in our lives revolves around instituting new habits. Once a habit is made, we don’t even have to think about it anymore. It becomes second nature.

The secret to successfully instilling new habits is choosing one habit — and only one — we want to work on at a time, and then focusing on that single habit for about four to six weeks (the amount of time it usually takes for a new behavior to become habitual). After the first habit’s been formed, we can choose another habit to work on for a month or so, etc., etc. The failed program I tried awhile back required life changes in the following areas:

1. the amount of food I was eating
2. what I ate
3. how frequently I ate
4. the amount of water I drank
5. aerobic exercise
6. using weights for strength training and body sculpting

All in all, I believe it’s an excellent program … but for someone like me who had allowed herself to fall so badly out of shape and away from healthy habits, attempting to overhaul every area of my life in one swoop was almost a guaranteed failure before it began.


But what if instead of trying to change everything at once, I’d picked one idea at a time to work on until it became habitual? Six months before — when I first started feeling the inner motivation to get healthier — I could’ve started with one small step such as drinking enough water everyday. Then the next month maybe I could’ve focused on aerobic walking three times per week. Or eating properly balanced meals. And then the next month focused on the timing of my meals.

In the same six months I would’ve been able to simply — and easily — instill all six of the life changes from that program without ever feeling overwhelmed by trying to do too much all at once. Instead of looking at my assorted food/exercise/health issues and feeling like a failure, I could’ve been making small and steady steps in the right direction each month and come out successfully at the other end.


My health goals don’t include becoming super-model thin or running a marathon. I want a healthy, balanced lifestyle rather than an obsessive diet/exercise regime that’s based solely on quick results and what I want to see in the mirror. The mirror isn’t my gauge of success. The energy and stamina and good health that comes for a balanced lifestyle is the success I want to see in my own life.

So, what about you? What single small step can you take this month toward a healthier New Year and a healthier new you?

Choose one habit at a time. Take one step at a time. And before we know it, we’ll all be where we want to be … not just healthy, but health-WISE.


How to evaluate new brands? (Confessions of a Food Broker)

Coca Cola diet products line-up

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Confessions of a Food Broker… sounds quite odd & unique to name a blog. But this particular article will tell you what exactly one need to notice minute details  & how these details contribute to the purchase decision.



As a food broker, I consistently but carefully add new product lines to my mix. Since my firm doesn’t have 10 reps at this point, I’ve been lucky to be extremely picky about the brands that I choose to represent. Many larger food broker firms have approximately 10 reps, and maintain 70-80 product lines. At that point, it’s challenging to take as much time to evaluate each new brand, and firms are under pressure to maintain a high number of brands.

As a small firm, my priorities are to choose a smaller number of extremely potent brands with high potential for success. This means that when I visit buyers, they get excited about everything that I represent. I say no to many potential clients, and take my time in adding new product lines. I spent more time on selection, so once I commit to something and begin selling it, I can be confident that it has a high chance of success.


Read More at ……………..

How to evaluate new brands.


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Mass food production

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Pair in running for NZ’s top Receptionist Award – Prasheel Churi, Mumbai

Prasheel Churi in Otago Daily Times

Prasheel Churi in Otago Daily Times, Mia Visser, of Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Resort, and Prasheel Churi, of Novotel Queenstown Lakeside, will take on their big-city counterparts at the New Zealand hotel receptionist of the year finals in Wellington on October 9. Photo by James Beech.

A greast hotel receptionist needs to be approachable, pleasant and diplomatic and must be able to multitask, say the two Queenstown finalists competing to be named the best in New Zealand.

Southern regional winner Mia Visser (23), of Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Resort, and Southern runner-up Prasheel Churi (24), of Novotel Queenstown Lakeside, take on six counterparts in the national finals at the InterContinental Wellington hotel, on October 9.

The Association of Rooms Division Executives of New Zealand hosted regional heats in its search for the New Zealander who will compete for the David Campbell Trophy, at the AICR international receptionist of the year competition, in Madrid, in January.

The French-founded AICR stands for the International Association of Deputy Managers and Reception Heads of Luxury Hotels.

Miss Visser and Mr Churi, who both entered the competition for the first time, said they called on their day-to-day receptionist experience when competing in the Queenstown round at Novotel earlier this month.

Six candidates were quizzed by a panel of five judges about themselves and their knowledge of hotel costs, profits, revenue, yield management, staffing level, structure, promotional ideas and more.

“Guests” confronted them with a variety of everyday problems in a role-playing scenario and judges gave feedback.

“I took it as being at work, without the judges there,” Miss Visser said.

“This is what could happen so you just approach it in the best possible way.”

Miss Visser has worked at Sofitel since December.

The International College of Hotel Management graduate has worked in five-star hotels in Australia and Singapore for almost six years and aims to become a duty manager.

“It feels quite good. To be nominated was a surprise. It was a new experience and it was good to compare against strong competitors in the region.”

Mr Churi, originally from Mumbai, has worked as a receptionist for 14 months and graduated from the Pacific International Hotel Management School in July.

He said he wanted to make his career in hospitality, especially front of house.

“It was good to hear I got the opportunity and I could fulfil the expectations of my management. It’s great to hear you would be representing your hotel on a national level.

“My colleagues were very happy and I had great support.”

The duo said they had taken the judges’ comments on board and were ready for the Wellington finals.

“At the end of the day, it’s about portraying yourself and your hotel and doing your best,” Miss Visser said.

By James Beech on Mon, 28 Sep 2009

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