India’s Black Money 2011: Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee said the tax department would launch prosecution proceedings in relevant cases from the names of account holders given by foreign banks

The news headline in Livemint & Hindustan Times reveals latest update on India’s Black Money…… here is the full article

*****  The PIL claims this is a “colossal failure to enforce the law” due to influential politicians in various parties being involved in the offences. *****

New Delhi: Ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on a public interest litigation (PIL) on black money, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee at a press conference on Tuesday detailed the government’s strategy to deal with black money and said the tax department would launch prosecution proceedings in relevant cases from amongst names of account holders given by foreign banks.

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The government has the names of account holders in Liechtenstein’s LGT Bank and information given by German banks.

Mukherjee refused to name account holders citing secrecy clauses attached to legal frameworks with different countries which are used to obtain information on Indian account holders in foreign banks.

The information, however, has been given to the Supreme Court in a “sealed envelope,” Mukherjee, said. The names would be revealed when the tax department launches prosecution proceedings in relevant cases, he added.

The Supreme Court on 27 January resumes hearing a PIL on black money being held in European banks by Indians, initiated by senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani along with some former civil servants, who want the court to examine the issue as well as the falling standards of administration on the part of the government.

The PIL claims this is a “colossal failure to enforce the law” due to influential politicians in various parties being involved in the offences.

According to Mukherjee, the press conference had its roots in a suggestion by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking the finance ministry to place in public domain the strategy to deal with black money. Singh had made the suggestion during a recent cabinet meeting which discussed amendments India had signed with its tax partners to elicit information on foreign bank accounts of Indians.

During a hearing on 19 January, the Supreme Court took a tough position against the union government, asking it why it was not disclosing the names of Indian citizens who allegedly stashed away large sums of unaccounted money in European banks from 2002 to 2006.

The main pillar of the government’s strategy to deal with the problem is to amend tax treaties with different countries to allow for information on bank details to be shared.

Indian Money

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According to Mukherjee, a change in international opinion in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis had played a positive role in amending treaties. 

The G-20 countries had decided to jointly take on countries or tax jurisdictions, which were reluctant to share critical information, Mukherjee, said.–Pranab-says-can.html?h=E

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    Since most of the senior political leaders, MPs, MLAs and all major & famous industrialists are holding most of the black money outside india, it is but natural that ruling government is avoiding to declare the details and avoiding to bring the black money inside india.

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    What could be the option starting bringing the funds in india.

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    3) Any infrastructural development as the same is resposibility of government and since the government had failed to perform many of its supervisory duty, inspection and control duties black money is gernerated. Many government contractor supply huge black money bribe to government official by over valuing the projects and add to their income. After agriculture, the government contractors are the biggest blakc money generating machines.

    4) Any Real estate, since the poor have been already snatched from their possiblity of getting a home and if such black money comes in, every poor will go out, poor class would literary became slave of rich class for their accomodation, residence demand.

    5) Agriculture – agriculture is the biggest sector from where the income of farmers have been regulary snatched away by the traders and stockists, it is the biggest sector where the black money is either generated or converted into white. All indian leaders holding crores of landed property evade tax by showing themselves and agriculturist or convert their black money as agriculture income on paper. Again bringing that black money as investment in that sector would disturb the economy only.

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    No tax to agriculture income for the farmer upto 18 acres. When any one person holds more than 18 acres of lands in his single name, and his profit exceeds Rs.1,80,000/- Then 9 % for any amount beyond Rs.1,80,000/-. While calculating his profit, every seed, manuer, water charges, energy charges, labour charges, transportation charges are to be deducted.

    For service tax :- Every individual employee have to directly pay the service tax to the government and the employee would not pay the same.

    For Production Tax :- The Manuafacturer would be required to pay 9 % of service tax on the MRP of the product. He may sell the product at any rate to the dealer or supplier or stockist at a lower rate than M.R.P. but he has to pay 9 % of m.r.p of each product to the government as production tax. M.R.P. necessary for every product

    For Sales Tax :- When a manufacturers gives a production tax on the M.R.P of the product he is not required to pay sales tax while selling that product. When the

    Lastly:- Until a law is enacted to protect the law breakers who avoided taxes and generated black money outside india, no money holder would come forward to declare his money. Give them some incentive and protection of law to declare the money, then only law breakers would declare their funds.


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    India's Black Money 2011: Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee said ……

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