What happens when, “Life starts spinning you so hard that you start wondering for a new birth” !!


Do we have ever have time to think over such a vulnerable topic !!!

Is everyone out there Happy-Go-Lucky ???? :O

Well, in my opinion, the answer is truly bitter. The answer lies in one’s interests & well-being . But, it doesn’t seem true in everyone’s case. People have gone BANANA’s finding out ‘what real happiness is ?’ A few of them could experience the joy, a handful of them kept on searching till their lives ended &  rest of them kept on wondering after so-called: HAPPINESS.

To get back on our track, lets get across some of the life experiences that shuffles & spins our heads so roughly that we finally lands in Dilemma as to practicality & imagination.

to be contd till next session ………

Till then please feel free to discuss what you feel like ..

Atleast we can say Happy reading……. who’s snatchign this happiness from you.


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