5 Quick Tips for Job Seekers against Job Fraud!

Always be prepared from the fraud which lots of companies are doing with the fresher. Some times the experienced people too faces the same situation, so always be prepared to fight against job fraud. Here are a few quick tips which can ensure you from frauds:

#1 Tip: Never reveal your confidential detail to any employer: Always be prepared to say NO to any employer if he asks for either your credit card details or any type of secured numbers. If some one asks these details then it is better not to join that organization.

#2 Tips: Never join the Organization if they don’t have any Business Plan: If you have faced the interview in any organization and that organization is not having any Business Plan or Model, then don’t plan to join that one. They will always make you unsatisfied in long run.

#3 Tips: Do not join the company which has not taken proper Interview: This is also one sort of fraud, many companies don’t take any sort of interviews and they offer you to join them. Leave them immediately otherwise you might feel problem with them. It is in fact my personal opinion that there is always some kind of fraud behind these types ofcompanies which offers you without taking any type of interviews either front to front or telephonic one.

#4 Tips: Leave the company immediately if they ask you any amount to deposit: This is the biggest type of fraud I have ever seen. Not a single good company is there which will ask you to deposit any amount before giving the offer letter to you. So if any company asks you to deposit any amount then leave them immediately.

#5 Tips: Check the Offer Letter Properly: Offer letter is the main source of information about any company at initial level. Once you will get the offer letter go through each and every word of the letter with proper care. Check if there is something which is objectionable. Do the research from your self about the past of the company.

It is the time when students are facing the campus interviews; lots of companies are recruiting them despite the global downfall of the market. So it is good to prepare against any sort of fraud. Always be sure to join anycompany, since if it is your first job then it is going to affect you through out your life.

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