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KPO Jobs, IT/ITES Jobs, Outsourcing Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Legal Jobs, HR Jobs, KPO Placement, LPO Jobs, Finance Jobs, Temp Staffing –

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Resume Spotlight

Mr. Sunil Kumar Ailani
Post Graduate Diploma in  Management, MICA

DOB : 13th June, 1983

Mobile : +91-9974379329

Email1 :
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In quest of enriching assignments with key focus on Research / Marketing / Communications with a growth oriented organization

Management Trainee – 2 Months (LinOpinion (LOWE Lintas PR Division), Mumbai)

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Ms. Deepshikha Sharma
B.Tech (Biotechnolog), Rajasthan University, Jaipur

20th Sept., 1985

Mobile : +91-9893554703, +91-9414322749

Email :

Working for an organization where I can apply my skills for the betterment of the company

Trainings attended at Ranbaxy, Dr. B Lal’s Clinical Laboratory & Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur

Mr. Ashok Mallick
IP Analyst (KPO)

01st April, 1982

Mobile : +91-9734429409

Email :

To become a sophisticated individual in a challenging environment that provides opportunities to prove and enhance my skills as a successful leader in an organization.

B.Tech (Chemical Eng.), Haldia Institute Of Technology, Haldia.
PG Diploma in IP Law – IIT Kharagpur

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Mr. Chakraborty
Patent Analyst (KPO)

26th Nov., 1981

Mobile : +91-9804160944, +91-9239153347

Email :

To achieve a position which utilizes my knowledge and provides me a platform to innovate, learn new technologies and execute different responsibilities.

B.Tech (Biotechnolog), Bengal College Of Engineering & Technology, Durgapur.

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Mr. Ranjan Singh
Patent Consultant

Mobile : +91-9836485588

Email1 :

A challenging professional career opportunity in the field of Intellectual Property Rights with special interest in Patents.

B.Tech (Mechanical), JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

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US market regulator focuses on role of auditors in Satyam fraud

NEW DELHI: American capital market regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission has completed its probe in India into the multi-crore rupee Satyam fraud case, especially the role of auditors.

A team of the Commission came to India following filing of over a dozen class action lawsuits in the US against the promoters and managers of the IT firm on behalf of investors, who purchased American Depository Shares of the company between January 6, 2004 (the listing date in the US) and January 6, 2009 (the day before Raju’s letter).

Mahindra Satyam Ltd

Mahindra Satyam Ltd


                                                                                                                                                              Asatyam Story

Asatyam Story

In these lawsuits, Satyam Computer, its promoters and management were charged with duping thousands of American investors of billions of dollars by artificially inflating share prices.

The SEC team has conducted detailed discussions with the CBI specifically on the role of auditors in the multi-crore rupee scam.

During the discussions, the team of Commission looked into particular details about the way accounts were allegedly fudged in the tainted computer firm and also at the role accounting firms involved in the same.

Chinese national held in credit card fraud

CHENNAI: The police on Wednesday arrested a Singapore-based Chinese national for using a fake credit card to buy gold jewels from a shop in Purasawalkam.

According to the police, T Tan Koh Yu (28) was nabbed from a mansion in Vepery and four fake credit cards and two mobile phones recovered. Inquiries revealed that he had bought the fake cards from a person in Singapore.

Chinese national held in credit card fraud

Chinese national held in credit card fraud

On Wednesday, the police said, Tan went to a shop in Purasawalkam, ordered a jewel and paid with a Bangladeshi credit card. When the card was rejected for insufficient funds, officials at the private bank that issued the card contacted the person whose name was on it. The latter said he indeed possessed the card and that he had never been to Chennai. The officials then realised the card had been cloned and informed the police. The latter registered a case, conducted investigations and nabbed the Chinese national. He was later remanded in judicial custody.

The police, meanwhile, have suggested to shop-keepers in the city ways to avoid falling prey to such fraudsters. “Whenever, purchases exceed a certain limit, customers can be asked to produce another document as proof of identity. The cashiers in the counters should check the identity of the person as well as their signature,” city police commissioner T Rajendran said.

“We have come to know that most of the fake credit cards seized in recent days have been bought in Malaysia and brought here through ‘kuruvis’ (couriers). The kingpin could be operating from Malaysia where the fake credit cards are being cloned,” a senior police officer.

Former LUSU president arrested for fraud – Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Former Lucknow University Student Union (LUSU) president, Shailendra Kumar Singh alias Shailu, was arrested by the Gomtinagar police on Tuesday on charges of fraud.

Former LUSU president arrested for fraud

Former LUSU president arrested for fraud

Shailu, along with his absconding associate, had allegedly prepared forged registry documents of a big plot in prime Gomtinagar area and were threatening the genuine owner to remove his claim on the property.

Reports said that one KD Agarwal of Shahpur locality in Gorakhpur owned a 8,000 sq ft plot in the prime Gomtinagar area. However, recently one Shiv Nandan alias Raghunandan of Gomtinagar reached the said plot to claim that he was the original owner of the land and that he was going to start some construction work there. When Agarwal — a leading builder and property dealer of Eastern UP — came to know about this, he contacted Shiv Nandan to inquire what the issue was all about.

According to Agarwal, while Shiv Nandan remained adamant on his claim of ownership, Shailendra Kumar Singh alias Shailu allegedly called him up several times asking him to keep away from the land or else face dire consequences. Not left with any choice, Agarwal approached the Gomtinagar police.

Subsequently, station officer (SO) Gomtinagar, Vinay Guatum summoned the two parties — Agarwal and Shiv Nandan Singh — and demanded a copy of their respective registry of the said plot and other documents, which could establish their ownership. Documents thus procured were subjected to a thorough verification by the police following which it was established that Shiv Nandan’s documents were fake.

When the police quizzed Shiv Nandan, he named Shailendra Singh Shailu as the brain behind the fraud. Police then set Shiv Nandan free as till then they had not received any formal complaint of fraud from Agarwal. Later, Agarwal lodged a written complaint against Shiv Nadan and Shailu accusing them of forcibly snatching away his plot. Though by the time Agarwal lodged the FIR, Shiv Nandan had managed to escape. Shailu was, however, arrested and sent to jail.

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Bosses who feel inadequate are more likely to bully subordinates, says a new study

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Inadequate bosses ‘turn into bullies’

Published in the journal Psychological Science , the study says it is so because feelings of inadequacy trigger them to lash out at those around them.

In the study, researchers at University of California, Berkeley and University of Southern California found a direct link among supervisors and upper management between self-perceived incompetence and aggression.

The findings are published in the November issue of the journal Psychological Science .

The new study challenges previous assumptions that abusive bosses are solely driven by ambition and the need to hold onto their power.

“By showing when and why power leads to aggression, these findings are highly relevant as abusive supervision is such a pervasive problem in society,” said Nathanael Fast, assistant professor of management and organization at USC and lead author of the study.

During role-playing sessions, study participants who felt their egos were under threat would go so far as to needlessly sabotage an underling’s chances of winning money. In another test, participants who felt inadequate would request that a subordinate who gave a wrong answer to a test be notified by a loud obnoxious horn, even though they had the option of choosing silence or a quiet sound.

Researchers did not rate participants by an objective measure of competency, but by their self-reported level of competency. This allowed them to investigate how feelings of self-worth are tied to workplace behavior.

“Incompetence alone doesn’t lead to aggression,” said Serena Chen, associate professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and co-author of the study.

“It’s the combination of having a high-power role and fearing that one is not up to the task that causes power holders to lash out. And our data suggest it’s ultimately about self-worth,” the expert added.

Alternately, Chen said, participants who got ego boosts by scoring high in a leadership aptitude test or who recalled an incident or principle that made them feel good about themselves did not react with aggression.

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