Medical Magazine for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

I’m a part of a Creative magazine specially dedicated to serve Doctors & Medical Community. It will unleash the creative genius in Doctors & Healthcare Professionals.

Here in this mag we are addressing the doctors as a creative being, trying to make them more socially responsible as well as addressing their problems. Here we publish stories, poetry, photography, artwork and like these creative thing for doctors, I mean most of the time their own creative work. They can raise their voice against any issue they are facing and we try to make them realize, how important their work is for humanity through the medium of stories and poems etc.

At the same time they are free to write about their personal experiences, research & latest happenings around Medical World. If i get your mail ID then i can forward you more about the concept.

Also we shall be providing brief but descriptive information on various usefu areas like Finance, Computers, Beauty, fashion, Automobiles, etc.

Your suggestions & opnions are welcomed.

Sohan Dhande

+91 9370150290

One Response to “Medical Magazine for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals”

  1. Dilip Naidu Says:

    Great concept! Eager to see the magazine grow from strength to strength! 🙂


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